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DUAL's Appetite

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Cyber Liability and Privacy Protection


Key reasons to buy

  1. More than 50% of NZ SME's experience IT security attacks at least once a year.
  2. 70% are affected by viruses, malware and scams.
  3. 83% of lost smartphones resulted in compromised business data.

DUAL's Cyber Liability & Privacy Protection policy provides the following key elements of cover:

  • Third Party Claims - covers the Insured's liability to third parties from a failure to keep data secure, such as claims for compensation by third parties, investigations, defence costs and fines and penalties from breaching the Privacy Act.
  • First Party Costs - reimburses the Insured for the costs they would incur to respond to a breach, such as IT Forensic Costs, Credit Monitoring Costs, Public Relations Expenses and Cyber Extortion Costs (including ransom payments to hackers).
  • Business Interruption - this section provides reimbursement for the Insured's loss of profits resulting from the breach, as well as any additional necessary expenses it may need to incur to continue business as usual.

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