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How will DUAL’s WebRater help you? Find out now.


Launching soon, DUAL’s WebRater is an online trading platform which allows brokers to quote and bind new business in less than 2 minutes.


Offering eight products to more than 500 occupations, the WebRater helps brokers to address their client's key uninsured exposures such as Management Liability and Cyber Insurance.

The following products will be available on the WebRater:

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How will I access the WebRater?

To obtain a log in for the WebRater please click the 'Sign up now' button at the top of this email and the team will send your login details to you.

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Stay tuned for further details regarding the WebRater. In the meantime, if you would like any further information please feel free to contact your local DUAL Underwriter.

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Get a quote in under 2 minutes