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To work at DUAL you need to be brave.

It takes courage to stand up in a crowd of incredibly talented people and say ‘I have an idea’. We recognise that courage and want to foster it through building reward and recognition programs that support growth and development.

We’re great at what we do, and we continue to respect our ability to improve. Remaining humbled by this keeps us open to new ideas and allows us to be adaptable. We’re not wild cowboys, we are considered disrupters.

DUAL doesn’t wait. We have one pace, one beat. Everyone here dances a little differently to it, and that’s what makes us unique. We’re a diverse group of people, each with their unique talents and yet we all share the same passion, drive and vision in an environment of endless change.

We want to grow our people and support their success the way they have grown and supported DUAL. Success is only worth it if we’re all at the finish line together. 

Get ready to be challenged, be embraced and be proud of standing out in the crowd.

Life is short, live it differently with DUAL.

Employee line up

Current Positions

We’re a company committed to having fun at work while getting the job done.

As a dynamic and forward thinking organisation we require a unique approach to everyday tasks as well as the ability to form solid working relationships and work within a fast paced environment which can change at a moments notice.
Our ideal candidates enjoy working in a close knit and highly collaborative team environment.

Please note that all recruitment and HR services are currently managed in-house directly through our Human Resources team. All enquiries or tenders for service are reviewed by HR, when and as needed.

Property Underwriter
Senior Underwriter

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