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Streamline the underwriting process with the WebRater

Remove unnecessary and time-consuming steps - simply enter your client’s basic information once and be given a selection of what products are available.


Benefits of the WebRater

Our innovative online trading platform will generate a quote and bind a policy for over 500 occupations
across 8 products for Liability Insurance.

Client centric
Functionality Focused
on CLIENTS not Products
over 500 occupations
Over 500
Bind Multiple Policies
Individual login
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The WebRater
process is simple

  1. Sign up to obtain your unique login and password
  2. Input the client's basic information once
  3. Choose the products you wish to quote for your client
  4. Answer a few basic questions and instantly receive a quote
  5. Bind your policy with the click of a button


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To find out more about our wordings, or to see the changes to cover for each product, visit each category below:


One of the top five liability providers in New Zealand. Offering a complete range of innovative and market leading products. With a broad appetite for risks across a varied cross-section of industries & professions.

Professional Indemnity

DUAL has a broad underwriting appetite for PI where we categorise this class into six major professions being: Accountants, Consultants, Design and Engineering, Financial Services, Legal professionals and Real Estate

Cyber Liability

DUAL's Cyber Liability & Privacy Protection insurance is designed to address the exposures Insureds face when using the internet, email, websites, and in particular from storing private information about their clients.

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Our Products

The WebRater is an online trading platform that can help you obtain quotes and bind policies for the following 8 products:
DUAL NZ - Association Liability
Association Liability
DUAL NZ - General Liability
General Liability
DUAL NZ - Cyber Liability & Privacy
Cyber Liability & Privacy
Employers Liability
Employers Liability
Statutory Liability
Statutory Liability
DUAL NZ - Professional Indemnity
Management Liability
Information Technology

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