Our underwriting team specialises in thinking outside the box to find creative solutions for your clients. Because you’re dealing directly with the Underwriter and decision maker you can depend on getting the answer when you need it.

With over 22 years in property experience DUAL can provide the insurance solution you require for your customer.


DUAL can write up to NZD40,000,000 at any single one location.

Risk Appetite

DUAL has an appetite for commercial landlords (buildings),
manufacturers, wholesalers, retail and trades.

We can assist on higher hazard occupations – woodworkers, sawmills,
EPS risks – however we see these mainly as co-insurance support lines.

One thing we do aim for is a balanced book and portfolio for Brokers and our Underwriters.

High Risk

Separate from our binders we have access to markets to write risks that the market is turning away from:

  • Car Wreckers
  • Scrap Dealers
  • Pacific risks (depending upon territorial jurisdiction)
DUAL - property

Natural Disaster Excess Buydown

DUAL can write Natural Disaster Excess Buydown cover for certain property risks where the client wishes to reduce their own exposure to a Natural Disaster policy excess. Underwriting criteria applies.

Contract Works

DUAL can assist with Contract Works Insurance on Property risks we already insure. This includes renovations, earthquake strengthening work, and additions to existing property.

Property Claims

For further information on our Property claims handling, click here.

Property Appetite

Check out our DUAL Property Appetite video for more information.



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