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Capacity: NZD$20,000,000

DUAL's Appetite

Preferred Risks:

  • Charity / benevolent
  • Industry associations
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Sporting associations and clubs (unpaid)
  • Trade related industry associations

Selective Risks:

  • Registered clubs conducting gaming activities and selling liquor
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Religious groups
  • Trade unions
  • Political groups

Association Liability


DUAL has developed an integrated Management Liability insurance package designed to meet the needs of the 'Not for Profit' industry whilst being a cost effective solution. 

DUAL recognises the Not-for-Profit segment as one of the fastest growing sectors yet the most underdeveloped from an insurance buying perspective.

Most Not-for-Profit entities will have insurance in place to protect against bodily injury (public liability, workers compensation) or property damage (property insurance, motor fleet) but very few insure against the economic loss exposure.

To find your local Underwriter and obtain a quotation for Association Liability, please click here.


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